Oct, 30 2018
Out of sight, out of mind!



Nowadays, unattractive exposed toilet flushing, waste pipes and pedestal toilets can be a thing of the past. Whether you are currently remodelling your existing bathroom or building a new one, you ought to consider including a built-in flushing system – not only do they offer great design freedom, but they also boast a host of other benefits too. In more than every second household, the flushing is now hidden behind a wall installation. Because above all aesthetic reasons speak for the concealed flushing. Bridgepoint offers some insight in the thought process and advantages of built-in flushing systems.

WHAT IS IT? A concealed flushing system is a type of flushing that’s fitted within the wall, or gypsum panelling. The components inside the flushing can be accessed through the button panel from where the user flushes the water.

Concealed flushing systems come with a dual flush button which generates water savings. Dual flush toilets handle solid and liquid waste differently by giving different flush options. This system also saves water since the concealed flushing comes with 3/6 litres dual flush. It’s more effective than the old single flush versions. They contribute to a cleaner, more elegant looking bathroom toilets and fulfils all the functions of a regular system.

HOW DO I MAINTAIN IT? The dual flush panel can be easily pulled off to access the tank and its components. One can easily remove the two clips that keep everything together and remove the flush valve and the fill valve to fix/replace any component. Fixing everything back in is also extremely easy. Bridgepoint offers all the parts required for such a process and if needed, clients can buy them in-store at any time.

WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET? Dual flush push button – the standard one, available both with steel structure of without. Ones without a steel structure are fitted within a masonry wall. Ones with the steel structure on the other hand are used fitted inside a gypsum wall since more support is required.

Pneumatic dual flush button – operated by air under pressure. When the button is pressed, pressure is exerted into the air pipes which cause the toilet to flush. These are considered to be more silent than the others. These can also be purchased with or without the streel structure frame.

Top Mount dual flush button – made with a steel structure frame and the difference to the above models is that the dual button panel is mounted on top of the unit. This is ideal for users who have a window above their toilet (or height restrictions) and cannot have the panel mounted on the wall. This model is fitted into the ground and cladded.

Glass Flushing System - madewith a steel structure frame cladded in glass. This model does not need to be inserted in the wall or cladded. The model is fitted against the wall into the ground and the toilet is fitted against the unit. The installation is simple, and the look is attractive!

Shaft/outdoor – installed in building shafts or yards. No part of the unit would be installed inside the wall apart from the push button plate. Our shaft cisterns also have a dual flush plate and work with air pressure too (therefore they are also pneumatic and more silent).

At Bridgepoint we stock a large selection of high quality concealed flushing systems and to make buying for your bathroom even easier, our team can guide you on the best equipment for your space. Get in touch with us today on +356 21472241 or visit us in our showroom in Psaila Street, Santa Venera.