Quality Policy

Quality Policy

BridgePoint is one of the leading brands in Bridgepoint branded bathroom taps, fittings, accessories, shower cubicles, kitchen taps, sinks, and water filtration systems.

BridgePoint adopts a Quality Management System based on the requirements of SM EN ISO 9001:2015

BridgePoint has established the following strategic objectives to be pursued through the Quality Management System:

Long Term Vision

    • To deliver high-end, affordable luxury to the end-user.
    • To establish long-lasting business relationships with customers, built on mutual trust that have strong potential for development and growth.
    • To perform at optimum efficiency in every aspect of the operations in order to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.
    • To rigorously explore and investigate new and innovative products which will further enhance the existing portfolio.


    • To acquire products from reliable external providers/partners who are leaders in the field with a high commitment toward product quality and value for money.

Customer Focus

    • To provide a wide range of superior products, which are always in stock and which meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the customers.
    • To provide excellent service by putting the customer at the centre of all activities.


    • To ensure that resources including staff and equipment are adequate to meet the needs of customers.
    • To ensure that all staff are adequately trained to perform their assigned duties.
    • To ensure that all staff is able to adapt to difficult and unforeseen operational circumstances.
    • To harness and develop the experience and knowledge earned over the years.
    • To encourage synergy, teamwork and cooperation between the employees of BridgePoint and also with the customers.


    • To remain committed to continuous improvement in all work practices.
    • To constantly demonstrate leadership and nurture the culture of good quality and continuous improvement across BridgePoint.



VER 13.1 (10 May 2023)

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